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Newborn Session - Peyton - Fall Baby

I normally prefer to shoot newborn babies between 5-10 days after birth but when Peyton's family contacted me she was nearly a month old. I worried about how easy she would be to keep wrapped up for some of your traditonal newborn poses. I told the parents we could focus on the family shoot first and then try out some other poses.

An older baby will not sleep as easily as the younger newborns but you can still do many lifestyle type photos. I really love how daddy is looking at his daughter. He seems so proud.

Here you can see our darling little girl is starting to get sleepy. This is giving me hope. She just loves being in her mother's arms.

I created this fall like wreath and had little Peyton placed in it. I just love how her lips are puckered up.

I took a chance and wrapped her up again in a pink wrap and put her on the bean bag. She was so sweet and kept her pose. We learned she liked her hands free so you'll see them peeking out here.

Since she was such a trooper I brought out my new bear hat to wear and a little bear to hold onto. So even though I couldn't do certain poses with her we were still able to get many great photos for her that I think we can offer newborn sessions to older newborns. A lot of thanks to Mom and Dad who followed the guide for getting baby ready and coordinating a good sleep time for her.

I hope you enjoy you sweet little doll.

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