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Newborn Session - Santino - Rainbow baby

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

This session had been planed for quite some time after meeting with Gabriella. We first did a rainbow maternity session for her and I had already ordered material for this newborn session. We wanted this to be a special day for little Satino.

We first did a few rainbow themed sets. Including this handmade mat and hat made by his Tia. Isn't it lovely?

He's just so snug and sleeping soundly. Look how peaceful he is.

I picked up a new bear and bear hat as well that I wanted to test out and it just fit wonderfully on him.

Santino got to be the model for my new backdrop as well with a a custom made rocket ship. Also some custom made rock material to give it an out of this world look.

I also got a new hat, rug and stretch wrap for this session as well. I've seen a lot of grey photo sessions and wanted to try one as well even though my style is normally more color but I'm just loving this look.

After every storm there is a rainbow of hope... here I am!

Welcome to the world little Santino. We hope to see you again soon!

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