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Newborn Session - Ashton - Star Wars

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

When Ashton's mother contacted me she told me her husband saw our previous Star Wars shoot and since he was a fan he wanted one as well.

I wanted the session to be a little different than the previous Star Wars session so I made Ashton a tie Fighter to place him in. That shot should satisfy dad so now it's time to take care of momma. She loved our wood themed shoots and asked for those.

I started him out in a wooden bucket with our wood backdrop and floor and put this cute little hat on him. He did so well in this shot I ended up ordering this photo as a canvas for myself.

The next setup was him in a basket with a different outfit and shot down while he layed in the basket on our wood floor. He looks so peaceful there.

Eventually he woke up and we did a pose with him holding the bear that he actually held onto. He ended up putting his finger up to his lips and I get a chuckle out of this as it looks like he is thinking.

Ashton was quite the good baby and I look forward to having more sessions with him in the future. Perhaps a Star Wars cake smash!

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