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Raider's Smash Cake

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Are you ready for some football? Well this little man obviously is. When his mother started talking to me about this shoot she said it needed to be a raiders theme shoot.

I told her no problem we can do that shoot. I made this custom banner for her and she loved it so much she took it with her so obviously that was a hit.

She said the cake needed to be a raiders theme cake and liked a cupcake design. I talked to my baker and.......

BAM! there you go with a raiders themed birthday cake once again MonaLisa did a great job on this.

Didn't take long at all for him start digging into the cake either.

He was clearly having a good time.

Coach called an audible and next thing I knew we were having a real SMASH cake session.

This cake is obviously retired now. Another great shoot and it was fun creating this backdrop and little props. If you want your favorite team just message me on Facebook or contact me through our contact page here.

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