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There's no place like Home

Little Payslee's first birthday was coming up so we knew we had to do something special for you. I had been talking with her mama for months on what to do but we found out that her favorite movie was Home so we decided to do a theme on that.

I went ahead and watched the movie since I was unfamiliar with some of the details but just of a few characters.

We found an Oh plushy and just had to pick him up. Good thing too as Payslee just loved him.

I saw that in the movie there were scenes with little planets that showed cars, houses sticking out of them so I created a little planet with a cars.

Just look at that little smile.

Payslee took a small sample of her cake with her hand and then immediately dived into it.

After taking a few bites she then actually smashed her cake.

Poor little Oh, but that's what smash cake sessions are all about and little Payslee did great.

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