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Ending 2016 - Part 2

I didn't realize how busy this year really was until I started building this article recapping some of the highlights. I'm skipping some parts of the year to keep the article from being too lengthy.

In July we started our second half of the year with Angela doing a maternity photo shoot at White Sands

For this shoot I had ordered a new maternity dress and wanted to experiment with different poses. I think they really came out great and I have so many ideas for the next shoot.

Also in July we had a Minnie Mouse Smash cake to answer to our previous Mickey Mouse smash cake shoot.

I had previously purchased this outfit at a craft fair and couldn't wait for the opportunity to use it. I was so glad to see that someone envisioned a shoot I was hoping for.

In August we had a request for a dinosaur themed smash cake.

Allie over at Overboard cakes came through with a great dino cake and our birthday boy took smashing seriously as he sat on the cake towards the end of the shoot. It was a messy but fun shoot.

In September we had a mermaid or magic under the sea themed smash cake photo session.

We also had a request for a pink and purple smash cake session so we came up with the following idea.

The beginning of October we got to do a newborn session for Emily. We had previously did Angela's Maternity shoot so I could wait for little Emily to show up. Angela had kept the sex a secret so I didn't have much time to prepare for her shoot.

Later in October we ran fall mini sessions with a set that I fully designed myself. Full with hay, pumpkins and other things to give a true fall look.

We thought it would be fun to dress up as well.

November started the busy season first with a Monster theme smash cake session with the cake provided by MonaLisa Sweet Decorations

I made some changes to my smash cake sessions for this. For one I dropped down to one backdrop. In the past I was always doing a really fancy backdrop for photos without the smash cake and then a simpler backdrop with the smash cake. I decided to change to one great backdrop with the smash cake. This allows me to keep my costs down so I don't have to raise prices. I can still rearrange the set to make some changes to expand the number of photos we can get. Still allow for 2 outfits so you can have some good photos in a good outfit and another outfit you don't mind your child getting dirty in.

I had a request to do an outdoor family session and the clients wanted fall colors. So we met up with the Gilmore family in the mountains and did a wonderful fall family shoot.

We started doing some of our Christmas Minis Sessions booking several weekends of Minis.

It was popular enough to book Christmas Minis #2

Then the weather decided to dump some snow up in the mountains so I figured it was time to schedule a Winter Shoot

Then little miss Khloee came back to visit. We did her first Christmas photos two years ago. So we were looking forward to doing her third Christmas.

Since the Winter shoot with Sierra went well we decided to do Lylia's Senior Session at the same spot. She originally wanted a fall session but thanks to the snow she ended up with a Winter Senior Session.

Her photos just came out wonderful so check them out using the link above.

I ordered some new backgrounds and decided to try some out including this one that I called a Frozen theme shoot.

Then it was back up to the mountains to do a special outdoor shoot for Brittany.

Then we celebrated sweet Amiyah's 3rd birthday with a special birthday shoot just for her.

The next weekend we had another round of Christmas Minis

We said we were done with minis and announced we were only doing custom shoots at that time. We had one scheduled but the family caught the flu so sadly they had to cancel out. We had a really neat shoot planned.

It was a wonderful 2016 and I'm looking forward to 2017.

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