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Monster smash cake

Who says monsters have to be scary. I got a request to do a monster themed smash cake. The client sent me some photos of theme ideas.

I was searching around trying to find some of the material already made but really wasn't coming out lucky. I ended up making the monster banner along with some eyes and mouths for the pom poms as well.

I did find an outfit that I just had to get for this shoot. Complete with Monster tail and hat.

I changed my pricing a bit that allowed me to put more into the set and the cake so I went with a more deluxe style cake made by Monalisa Sweet Decorations. I'm really pleased with how it turned out even though it did end up costing me more.

This shot shows little Hendrix enjoying his cake but you can see the hat that came with the outfit.

I got him to wear the hat for just a few shots before he was ready to take it off. I think the changes I made to the smash cake session really helped knock this one out of the park.

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