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Magic under the Sea

I had another wonderful opportunity to do another smash cake but the client wanted a mermaid theme but not to copy "the Little Mermaid".

After booking the session I set out for my usual shopping trip to pick up some extra decorations. For this set I picked up a net, a mermaid, some starfish, crabs, seahorses and other things.

I did two sets with one being the Aqua Background and one the purple background. The client had seen my photos of a previous session with the purple background and requested it. I had the flexibility of the second background to do what I wanted.

Just look at those darling eyes!

It didn't take her long at all to start eating the cake.

In a short while she had destroyed the cake and was smearing it all over herself. Mom and dad were just laughing away and enjoying themselves as was I but I still managed to get quite a few great shots of this cutie.

I really enjoyed this shoot and I hope mom and dad brings her by again for another shoot.

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