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Twenty first smash cake session

While all of my previous smash cake sessions have been first birthday's I learned that it's not the only time some photographers are doing smash cake photo sessions. It appears even adults can get into the smash cake sessions celebrating important milestones such as turning 30 or even 21.

My son just turned 21 and yes while that makes me feel old I took the opportunity to celebrate an important milestone in his life while having some fun.

Just as any photo shoot session I took it as an opportunity to go shopping and buying some new material. Mamma has gotta go all out for her kiddo. Besides I told my husband I have great material for the next 21st smash cake session.

My cake maker was out of town on vacation so I had to make this cake on my own and was terrified how it was going to turn out. I had to do some research on how to make one of these beer mug cakes which I felt would be fitting to this milestone session.

I took several photos of him digging into his cake just as I have done in the past for many one year olds. My big boy had finally grown up and

was humoring me in doing this shoot with me.

I enjoyed doing something a little different while capturing a special moment for him that I will get to cherish forever.

Of course scarfing down some cake my big boy needed a good glass of milk to wash that down.

So if you happen to have some big event in your life and you want to just have a little fun. Let's do a smash cake session or some other fun shoot. Contact me on my Facebook page or find my contact information here.

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