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1st birthday and family photos

Updated: May 26, 2019

This little guy was turning one and his mother wanted to celebrate with a special session for him and the family. We first focused on him and I tried out my new mini sofa with my large backdrop. I then edited the photo to add a texture which gave the over all photo a cool look.

Caitlyn just loves to challenge me and brings a bunch of photo ideas that she finds when we do a session together. This was one of her ideas and it was quite an interesting shot since you don't actually focus on the child but the reflection of the child. I love how it came out and was thankful that once again Caitlyn gave me the challenge.

Once we were done with all the individual photos we took some photos of the family. This was one of my favorite of the family shots.

This was one of the last photos of the session where everyone was relaxed and sitting together. We had some previous photos beforehand that were breastfeeding photos which was a special session for mother and baby. I had learned the Caitlyn has pumped and supplied 5300 oz for other tummies too. We had taken some special photos celebrating that fact. I'm curious what she will have in store for me later down the road. I'm sure she is planning something special.

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