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White Sands maternity session for Martina

Red maternity dress worn by stunning mama at White Sands National Monument

I love getting clients from out of town and it's even more exciting when they are out of state. Martina was originally from the area but moved away and wanted to have a maternity session at White Sands. When she searched for a maternity photographer she luckily found me. She opted for my standard maternity package which includes two outfits and she looked at my dress collection and picked out this beautiful red flowing dress as her first option. I always love red against the White Sands as it stands out.

Red Maternity dress and proud papa at white Sands National Monument.

She brought her dashing husband along for a few shots as well. You could tell he just adored his wife. We did a few shots with him and her in this dress before moving her into her second selection.

Heart hands by both mom and dad in maternity session.

I love doing this shot when dad and mom make a little heart with their hands right above the belly. To me it shows how much they love their child and can't wait to meet them.

Raspberry Maternity gown at White Sands

Martina's second outfit choice was the raspberry open belly outfit which has a long flowing train. I added a floral headband as an accessory and continued to shoot as the sun start to set. You can see how the color starts to change as the sun changes.

Maternity photo at White Sands with Raspberry gown

I really loved this pose on her. I enjoyed my session with her and hubby and wish them all the best. Since they live out of town I won't have the opportunity to do their newborn session but maybe I'll get lucky and she'll give me a ring while she is in town just so I can see them again.

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