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Newborn photography - Spa day for Lily

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Being born in this world is exhausting and this newborn baby needed a spa day to rest up and relax after all the excitement of being born. I had recently picked up some new newborn photography props and I couldn't wait to get a chance to use them. This new little tub with the claw feet, little rubber ducky, towel for the head and the cucumber slices for the eye gave us this cute little setup.

Newborn photos are all about the baby so let's take off the props off her sweet head and get a picture of that adorable face.

I added this little crown and zoomed in a bit to get a good close up of this darling little lady.

I do love floral arrangements in my photos and this little floral bonnet was a great addition to this setup. This time we moved Lily to the bean bag and placed her on a white Flokati rug.

I used a different floral bonnet for this shot and draped some white lace across her as well. She actually looked right at me when I snapped this shot. Just look at those adorable eyes.

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