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Maternity photos at White Sands and the Mountain - JulieR

When shooting maternity photos I offer my clients multiple different packages. Some of my packages include a studio session and some include a scenic location or two. I even have a package for studio and a scenic location. Julie however wanted a little more and she actually booked my Deluxe Maternity session to have part shot at Mountain Park Events and the second location to be White Sands National Park. She also wanted a private session in studio as well so I built a custom package for her.

I'm keeping her studio session private for her but want to show off her photos at Mountain Park Events up in High Rolls, NM. I wasn't sure how much green we would have since it was March and previously they had had some snow that had damaged some of the fruit trees. Some of my favorite locations though still had the green ivy and other plants that I like to shoot on.

We started out at the front part of the property which is where the weddings actually take place There are few different bridges here that are a favorite of mine to shoot at.

A second spot that is a favorite of mine to shoot at this location is where the Ivy has grown over one of the old buildings that has been on the property for many years. It's no longer used but makes a wonderful backdrop as the ivy is grown up the walls. Julie wore my long flowing taupe maternity gown that has long flowing sleeves which enhances the looking. It also has a train that you can toss on the back of the gown.

For our second scenic location Julie had selected White Sands National Park. I like to take my photos around sundown and we took many photos of her, her man and even her kids. For their privacy I'm leaving their photos out of this session. Julie wore my Navy Blue Maternity gown that has a split tail that can be tossed. Which helps make the stunning photo above.

As the sun began to set even more I took even more photos of Julie with the softer light. She was a dream client as she knew many of my poses and was very easy to direct. I'm hoping to get a chance to see the family again later in the fall and perhaps shoot at the same location which should have some beautiful fall leaves.

These sunset photos are highly sought after by my clients but I'm really at the mercy of the sun, clouds and weather. We were very fortunate to capture a beautiful sunset for this beautiful mama.

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