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Maternity - Maria H. - Maternity session while deployed

Military spouse deployed kneeling down in front of his wife in a maternity session.
Miles apart forever in my heart.

Military families have always had a special place in my heart so when I got a request to do a special Maternity session for Maria even though her husband was still deployed I of course jumped on it. Maria explained what she was looking for and I was fairly sure we could give her the results she was looking for. The first trick was to get photos of hubby. Since he's deployed the photos had to be generic that would not give away his location. Fortunately whoever helped him out did a great job of getting photos of him kneeling down in front of this helicopter with his hand out. It was at the ideal height for me to get a photo of Maria looking down.

Red Maternity dress worn in maternity photo session at White Sands National Monument

Maria is originally from Alamogordo but living in El Paso since her husband is in the Army. My father served in the Army as well so as an Army brat this was double special for me. She picked out having her photos done at White Sands National Monument which popular for maternity and picked out one of my new red maternity gowns. It had drop down sleeves and gave her a stunning look against the beautiful white sand.

Pregnant woman in red Maternity dress holding her head.
Even though you are far away. I feel your love and presence.

I also couldn't get over how gorgeous this mama was. She had the curves to fill the dress, beautiful flowing hair and soft graceful face. I just love this photo of her.

Red flowing maternity gown at White Sands National Monument
Doesn't this red dress stand out so well against the beautiful white sand?

I was so glad that Maria reached out to me to share in her special moment. Her photo ended up being a big hit and got a lot of reach and shares on Facebook. So many others felt the power in her photo and wanted to share it. I later got to do the newborn session as well for Maria but did not post any of the photos because we wanted to make sure that daddy got to see him first. Even though so many people were wanting to see them I honored her request and once again got to be a part of a special moment for Maria and her special hero.

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