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Maternity - Dafne - Creek and White Sands

El Paso mama wearing a blueberry Maternity gown leaning up against an old Cottonwood tree.

When I book El Paso clients the most popular location the pick is White Sands with the nearby creek as a close second. When I booked Dafne's maternity photos she wanted a session at each location and picked my Deluxe Maternity session which includes two nearby locations.

An El Paso couple taking Maternity photos down at Tularosa Creek.  Wife is wearing blueberry maternity gown and he is wearing white button down shirt and bluejeans.

Since it's the Deluxe Maternity session she get's two dresses and for the creek she picked my blueberry gown that I had recently purchased. We matched it with a few accessories like this bet and headband. Of course the best addition to her photo shoot was her dashing husband who was clearing in love with her. The creek water was cold but they both braved it to take this beautiful photo.

El Paso mama taking maternity photo wearing a blueberry maternity gown standing in Tularosa creek while holding her hands up to her face.

Dafne said during this part of her session that she felt like a princess and I thought she sure did look like one. Even though the foliage around the creek was mostly dried up from it being winter time these photos still came out great with this stunning beauty.

El Paso Mama wearinga  burgundy maternity gown with baby shoes on her belly. while laying down in White Sands National Park wi

We then headed out to our second location of the Deluxe Maternity shoot which was shot at White Sands National Park. For this part of the session Dafne picked out my burgundy flowing gown. We first did some special photos for her and hubby with photos of the ultrasound and some shots of the babies shoes. I always encourage my customers to bring something to make their session more special and unique to them.

White Sands National Park Sunset photo with El Paso Mama wearing a burgundy maternity dress and holding her belly.

We then got in several more couple photos of them and as the sun started to set I took several White Sands Sunset photos. I've been getting a lot of requests for those as the sunsets at White Sands National Park look so majestic.

White Sands National Park sunset photo facing Alamogordo with the Space Museum shining in the background.  A couple is embracing in this photo.

Even after the sun sets behind the mountain we get some interesting colors on the mountains that are in the other direction. These are the Sacramento mountains right where Alamogordo is. You can see a small blip of light at the base of the mountains which is actually the New Mexico Museum of Space History reflecting the sun's like with their high glass walls.

I really enjoyed meeting this couple as they were very sweet and I'm looking forward to their newborn session which will be soon.

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