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Maternity - Cowgirl at the creek and White Sands - Pamela

Country mama wearing a green maternity gown with long flowing train standing in front of green ivy.

Dust off your boots and check out these maternity photos of this lovely little gal. We first headed down to the creek for some photos as Pamela wanted some photos out in nature. She had been referred to me by another client that had photos done and liked the photos out at the creek. She also wanted photos out at White Sands but we did the photos at the creek first since it was a little early and the sun was shining bright.

Country couple posing together for a maternity photo.  Hubby is wearing his cowboy hat, shirt and jeans while mama is wearing a green maternity gown with floral crown.

Hubby came along and was striking looking and he stood proudly by his woman and looking forward to the birth of their next child. I love this shot as you see this strong man and his sweet little gal so in love.

Maternity photo with country mama wearing a green maternity gown being hugged by her son wearing cowboy boots with a country look

Their son joined in for several photos as well but this was one of my favorite shots of them together. His innocence shining as he hugs his mama. I loved his little country look from his outfit.

Pregnant country mama wearing a green gown and a floral crown standing in the creek with beautiful green trees in the background.

Pamela wanted a photo that showed the creek and green trees. This spot allowed me to give her that background she wanted while still keeping her the focus of this photo.

Country mama maternity shoot with red flowing dress at White Sands National Monument

After being done at the creek we headed down to White Sands National Monument where Pamela picked out this red flowing gown that stood out well against the white sands.

This gown hugged her well and showed off her beautiful bump. The off the shoulder sleeves gave her a little sexy look as well.

Country mama wearing a red flowing gown at White Sands National Monument

Pamela was just so sweet to work with and her smile was so infectious that I just adored taking photos of her. Here the setting sun is hitting her giving her and she is bathing in it's golden glow.

Maternity photo of country mama wearing a black cowboy hat with red flowers and wearing a red flowing maternity gown at White Sands National Monument

Since Pamela is a country gal I had to do a shot with her wearing a cowboy hat as well. I topped the hat with the floral headband that she was using. This shot is just so cute.

Cowboy kissing his pregnant wife in the sunset at White Sands National Monument

In the old western stories you always hear about the cowboy riding off into the sunset. Well I ended this session with the cowboy kissing his beautiful gal in the sunset. Here the sun did a partial silhouette of them but I find this photo so darling. What a great little family and I wish them the best as they expect their newest addition.

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