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Maternity - Anii - Maternity and family photos

Studio maternity photo shot at Blessed Moments Photography Studio.  Mama is wearing a black tulie gown against a floral backdrop.

Anii is from Roswell and wanted photos done in studio, she wanted some outdoor photos such as the creek and even White Sands. We started out in studio where she went over the dresses one final time and then we photographed a few in studio wearing my black tulie skirt with my floral backdrop.

Maternity photo shot at Tulie creek with mama wearing a mustard long flowing gown

Next we went to the creek and photographed some there. It was actually a bit windy that day while also bright so we had to move around in different spots in the creek to grab shade and avoid the wind. I managed to get quite a few shots that I liked though at the creek. Here she is wearing my Mustard colored dress with the long train.

Maternity photo at Tulie creek with mama wearing a mustard gown and leaning against her husband wearing a black shirt and pants.

We got the family in some of the shots as well including this one with her hubby. After finishing up at the creek we moved off to White Sands National Monument.

Maternity photo at white sands national monument with mama wearing a rust colored long flowing gown with long draping sleeves.

For White Sands she picked out my rust colored gown that has a long flowing tail and long sleeves the drape as well. I purchased this gown with fall in mind but it still stood out very well against the white sand with the warm glow of the setting sun.

Family photo at white sands with mom, dad, 3 daughters and a son all holding up their hands wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.

For the ending of the session Anii got into her Jeans and white shirt to match up with the family Such a large beautiful family that will be expecting one more member.

Family photo at White Sands National Monument with family sitting down together including mom, dad, three daughters and their son wearing white shirt and blue jeans.

I love ending out the white Sands sessions with the setting sun in the background. You get such a soft light. Here we captured everyone's smile which turned out to be a great family photo. They are actually wearing what I normally suggest for a family to wear if they want matching outfits. Just jeans and white shirts seems to work very well and allow the family to be the focus of the photos.

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