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Maternity - Anastasia - Quadruplets

I had the honor and privilege of doing a maternity photo session for Anastasia who is carrying Quadruplets. Due to the special circumstance we shot her session a little earlier than normal so the session was easier on mama and the fact that should would be relocating to Albuquerque to be close to the hospital that she would deliver in.

Anastasia's story is an interesting one because she originally thought this was a normal pregnancy. When she went in for her ultrasound appointments that is when she learned that she is carrying more than one. At one point the doctors thought she was just carrying triplets but later they discovered the fourth baby. You can see that Anastasia's son is excited to be a big brother.

She told me that the doctors said three of the babies all came from separate eggs and then one split making one set of twins. It's just truly amazing what can happen in a woman's body.

For Anastasia's maternity session she picked out my long tailed grey and white dress which has a long flowing train. It's also open belly which was perfect for this session. I completed the look with a floral headband.

It was a really interesting day cloud wise as the sun kept going behind the clouds and coming out which kept giving us different colors all through out the session.

I even got a few shots of the sun shining down at the background behind them through a set of clouds. I really felt blessed being able to capture this moment for them and I wish the family all the best. I can't wait to see those babies when she brings them home.

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