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Karen Maternity session with Hunter Green Combo maternity gown

I had stopped doing maternity sessions for nearly a full two months during the initial shut down for Covid-19. This was my first maternity session after things started to open up. I felt going to a nice open spot away from other people would be ideal and safer for my mama's and their families.

The customer wanted this creek session as well as they loved the water and wanted a real outdoor look to their session. Hubby got into the session and actually waded barefoot through the water to pose with his lovely wife for this session.

Karen had picked my hunter green Combo maternity gowns. This is really two gowns that work together.

The top part is a long sleeved long train Hunter green maternity gown. It's split at the front and shows the belly some mama's like this look and it shows the bare natural beauty of the pregnant belly.

The second piece to the combo is the hunter green fitted gown. Since they are from the same designer and same color they match perfectly and you can put the two together. The fitted gown is elegant in it's own way as it's just simply beautiful and hugs mama and shows her curves. Once you add the other gown on top it allows the gown to flow out and be used as a tossing gown if you wish while still being modestly covered. We didn't do a toss here since we were in water but this works great while out at White Sands National Park.

I have multiple combo gowns. Some with sleeves and some that are sleeveless. You can look over my dress collection here

I'm always excited to do maternity for expecting mama's. If you are interested I suggest contacting me for a free consultation.

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Cynthia Taylor
Cynthia Taylor
30 ago 2021

so pretty. where is this creek?

Me gusta
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