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Fall Maternity at Cloudcroft - Breeann

Couple posing for maternity photos in the fall at cloudcroft making a heart with their hands.

During the fall I'm used to doing a lot of family sessions but it seemed like this season I did a lot of maternity which is great. Fall is one of my favorite seasons so I always enjoy getting a chance to photograph some fall colors during the season. Breeann originally reached out to me via email and I explained how I have a collection of over 70 maternity gowns. She said she wanted to do something different which was fine but then I wasn't sure what to expect or prepare for until we met the day of the session. When I met her and her hubby I could see I was dealing with a beautiful couple and they wanted to do a little bit of an outdoorsy type photo shoot. So we went up to Cloudcroft to an area I knew I would have some nice fall colors.

Couple kissing in maternity photo session in the fall at Cloudcroft.

I could tell they were very much in love and I love how they picked out outfits that matched. Even though the colors weren't identical the style completely was right on point. A very classy outdoor look. It went very well with the fall colors on this beautiful bright day.

Maternity mama leaning on her husband during fall photo session at Cloudcroft.

We walked around the trestle area of Cloudcroft and went to different spots to take pictures. After all they seemed dressed for a nice hike. We looked over the outlook, walked along the path and I took a shot here a little past the outlook. Here she is leaning in on him and you can see the sense of security she has as she leans in on his strength.

Couple reading Jimmy Fallons children books while sitting on a blanket.

They also brought a picnic blanket so we used that for a few shots. They also brought a pair of books written by Jimmy Fallon, He wrote his first book "Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada" and later wrote “Everything Is Mama" after getting a lot of questions from fans about when there would be a book for moms. I was unaware of these books but I knew Jimmy was a new dad and was quite happy about it. This couple were fans and were quite excited to get the books and wanted them to be a part of the photoshoot. I encourage my clients to bring something that will make their photo shoot unique and special to them. I often seen little boots or shoes or even a ultrasound picture. This was a first for me but I thought it was very cute and this photo captures their excitement awaiting their new child.

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