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El Paso Maternity photos in Cloudcroft

An El Paso woman Maternity photo wearing an Amber Gold velvet gown standing in front of a tree with yellow leaves.

This El Paso mama wanted some fall photos up in the mountains of Cloudcroft and I had a perfect Amber Gold velvet maternity gown to use for her session. She first came to my studio and browsed through my collection of over 70 maternity gowns but felt this gown would look best for her photos. Fortunately my studio is near Cloudcroft so it was just a short drive up the mountain to this gorgeous location that had lots of fall foliage. It was a bit cool but the velvet gown is fortunately nice and warm.

El Paso TX family photos taken in fall in Cloudcroft NM,

We included photos with the family and fortunately the boys had sweaters to wear since it was cool that particular day. Her daughter had this cute little jacket to wear.

Maternity photo of mama holding a yellow leaf over her pregnant belly.  She is wearing a golden velvet gown.

Due to the chill many of the leaves started to fall so I realized this could be one of my last fall shoots for the season at this location. Here I took a photo of her holding a leaf right over the belly. This was a new pose for me but I thought it looked great as a fall maternity photo.

El Paso woman wearing an amber gold velvet maternity dress standing in a bed of yellow leaves that have fallen to the ground.

The velvet gown really stood out and shimmer in the soft light of the cloudy day. Here you can see how much of the leaves fell creating a great golden floor.

I'm so glad this El Paso mama made the trip and choose this beautiful gown as she just glowed in it. The fall scenery in the mountains just help make a magical moment even more magical.

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