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Edith - Maternity with family

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Edith wanted a two dress maternity session in order to give her self some variety. She picked one dress as a closed belly red gown which always looks stunning against the white colored sand of White Sands National Park. Her second outfit was my open belly raspberry gown. For her first gown we were taking photos right before the sun set and the second part of the session was after sunset.

Maternity photo with mama looking over her shoulder in a red dress.

Stunning mama in a maternity photo at White Sands wearing a red dress

Mother and daughter at White Sands.

Husband kissing mama's belly at White Sands National Park.

Heart formed by both parents hands.

Red dress flowing at White Sands National Park.

Scenic photo of White Sands National Park with expecting mother in red dress

Belly showing in maternity photo with Raspberry dress

Mama cradling her belly in Maternity photo

Happy mama holding her belly in Maternity photo

Scenic photo of Mama in Raspberry Maternity gown in White Sands.

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