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Dailyn sweet 15 photo session

Updated: May 26, 2019

I wanted to do a sweet 15 photo session for my niece Dailyn and we decided to break up her session into two different sessions on different dates. For her first session we did some shots around parts of downtown El Paso. Here we found a a building with columns and had her lean up against it. She was wearing her yellow sun dress for this part.

Afterwards we hit a park and I had blown up some balloons to use. She jumped into a little more casual outfit for this part. The balloons of course showed that she was turning 15. I also did a big balloon bouquet of 15 balloons for some other shots.

There are many different trees at this park for us to shoot against as well. I can see how grown up she looks in this shot. She is not only beautiful but quite bright doing very well at school.

This shot shows downtown El Paso and parts of Juarez Mexico even further back. Right below her is El Paso High school.

We found a house near the park that had these beautiful trees that were blooming and we fortunate enough that the homeowner let us take a few photos there. As much as she loves flowers we decided we would do a second session later at the Rose Garden.

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