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A second maternity session for Tanya at White Sands.

I did Tanya's first maternity session back in September of 2018 after she made a long drive down from San Antonio. So I was excited when she contacted me to do her second maternity session.

Maternity photo of mama wearing a candy pink maternity gown blowing in the wind at White Sands National Park

I was excited to show Tanya the growth that I had made over the years as well since I had not yet opened my commercial location the first time she came down. I realized after she had come the first time that I needed a place for my mama's to get ready and opened my first location shortly after our first session.

Two photos of a pregnant mama posing in a Lilac long sleeve maternity gown

Last time Tanya came down I probably had only 20 or so dresses to choose from where now I have over 140 maternity gowns in my client closet that she got a chance to choose from. We ended up photographing two maternity gowns in studio and two at White Sands National Park.

Two photos of an expecting mother wearing a pink tulle robe

This time Tanya was able to utilize my special maternity room to get ready and make final adjustments before taking her photos.

A mother-to-be wearing a taupe flowing maternity gown standing in front of the mountains and setting sun at White Sands National Park.

After we were done with our Maternity Studio session we headed out to White Sands National Park. The first gown she picked for White Sands was my candy pink gown and her second gown that she picked was this popular Taupe long flowing gown.

A beautiful mother-to-be wearing a taupe flowing maternity gown paired with a matching hat and turquoise necklace.

The last time she came down we also shot senior photos for her sister. So I was alternating between Tanya and Tara giving them a chance for their wardrobe change. This time however it was all about Tanya and she got all the attention that she deserved.

A pregnant woman holding her had on he head while looking down at White Sands National Park.

As the sun began to set and the light began to cool we finished up her scenic maternity session and capture some shots of the setting sun and this glowing mama.

A maternity photo of a mama wearing a taupe maternity gown sitting on the sands looking off in the horizon at White Sands National Park with a sun setting in the mountains behind her.

I'm glad I got a second session with Tanya for several reasons. 1) I just got to see this beautiful mama one more time which is a real treat when she comes from so far away. 2) It made me reflect back on how far I've come on this photography journey and seen the growth both photography and my business overall. 3) I got a chance to thank her because it was her first trip that pushed me to take that chance and go all in on my business. 4) she got a chance to see the impact that she had on me.

Thanks again Tanya. Below is the video of her session with some behind the scenes footage and more final photos.


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