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Newborn - Octavia

Updated: May 4, 2019

newborn baby girl with burgandy floral crown

Newborns are some of my favorite photos to take and I have invested quite a bit to make sure that I have everything I need to take beautiful newborn photos. I've been fortunate to have mama's who know about me look me up and book their newborn session with me. Sometimes I get referrals from other photographers and in this case Octavia was referred to me from another photographer.

newborn baby girl in white bucket and pink floral crown

This little girl was so sweet and easy to photograph as I didn't have any problems getting her into a deep sleep to perform some of the traditional newborn photos as well as some of my favorite shots.

Mother holding her newborn baby

I had mama pose with her daughter for a few pictures. I really love this photo of them together. Mama seems so in love with her baby.

For one of my final I had to of course do one of my signature basket and flower shots in a basket.

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