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Newborn - Sara - Little Sofa Sleeper

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Little Sara was my first newborn session after the Thanksgiving Holiday. When I asked her mama what she wanted for colors she asked for pink. So we did a few poses on the bean bag and she handled herself so well and gave us this cute photo.

I did another photo of her this time with her wearing a cute little crown and she gave me a cute little smile that just melted my heart.

I had this fabric to wrap her in which reminded me of the dress her mama wore for her maternity session. I also put her in one of my new newborn beds with this white distressed wood.

During the Thanksgiving holiday I did a little bit of shopping during Black Friday. While everyone was off buying televisions, clothes and other things that were on sale I was looking for things to use in my studio and found this cute little sofa. It was great that it was pink because it fit the theme that mama has asked for. I also used one of my popular floral backdrops in the background with the white wood floor. She is snuggled up with a pink bear bonnet while holding a cute little pink bear. I laid some other accessories around her like the flowers, flokati rug and more.

Just look at this cute little face taking a snooze on the sofa. I put the floral headband again on her for this shot. She's still wearing the pink mohair romper and still has a hold of the cute little bear.

I consider the floral baskets to be one of my signature shots. When I got her into the basket for this shot she actually woke up so her cute little eyes are looking straight at the camera. She's wrapped in a lace green wrap and also laying on top of the dress that her mother wore in her maternity session.

Can't wait to see this cutey again in her milestone sessions.

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