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Maternity - Karina - Mountains and creek

When Karina booked her maternity session she went with our Deluxe Package and picked out three dresses from our collection. She wanted to do part of her session up in the mountains so we did our first half of the session in the mountains and used this beautiful lace gown.

I had just picked this gown up so I was excited to have someone use it. It has a long train which allowed me to drape it in this shot with Karina on the log surrounded by beautiful green grass.

As we moved around our area we actually ran across some cows that were grazing in the area. I thought it was great to get this beautiful shot of this beautiful mama surrounded by nature.

For the second half of Karina's maternity photography session we went to the creek. She had seen some previous photos done and wanted some similar shots. She picked out this beautiful white open belly dress which just looked so wonderful on her.

The creek has shifted it's flow so we tried some new shots. The water is actually quite deep right below her legs which I found out shortly afterwards when I helped her down I fell in. Thankfully I had just handed my camera to my hubby and was able to guide Karina down via a safer route.

For Karina's third dress she picked this black open belly dress which again just worked so well with her.

We had hubby in for a few shots but this one with her laying against his arm is a favorite of mine. I love how this photo speaks to you.

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