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Maternity - Rosalynn - Boho

When I got the booking for Rosalynn I had a bit of a suprise. She was flying in from Phoenix to have a maternity session with me. I was honored that someone would travel so far for a maternity session.

Rosalynn was just so cheerful and a wonderful spirit. She was clearly excited about becoming a mama. Her attitude and cheefulness was just infectious.

I learned that Rosalynn was a pilot as well and her hubby also worked in the Aviation field. He was so endearing to her and their love really showed. I was so happy to share this moment with this couple.

I had to get a sunset photo of this beautiful woman to get that gorgeous natural golden glow.

I really enjoyed my visit with Rosalynn and wish I could have done the newborn session but I'm hoping one day to pay a visit and see her gorgeous family.

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