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Maternity - Emily - Snow Princess

When we planned out Emily's maternity session several months back it was clear that she wanted her session up in the mountains in the snow.

It's nearly 9000 feet up which normally makes the area cool to begin with but with snow? I'm not much of a snow person and I was worried that with my dresses it would be really cold. I had purchased some new gowns with this session in mind. This outfit actually has two dresses that work together plus I purchase this cloak to help keep her warm as well.

This red velvet dress was another welcome addition to my collection. It's thicker than my other dresses and worked very well against the snow.

Emily picked up my Deluxe Maternity session which allows for up to four outfits. She brought this outfit up herself and really rocked it!

We are currently planning her newborn session and plan on have quite a few cute ideas for it. Stay tuned!

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