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Maternity - Renee - Raspberry

When Renee took a look at my collection of 18 dresses one really stood out for her which is my Rasperberry dress which is one I just picked out recently.

Renee wanted White Sands for you maternity session and it looks like the Raspberry shear dress just really stood out. This is one of my new dresses as I wanted to ad some more colors to my collection. This one is shear and has an open belly and this mama rocked it!

This photo shows just how shear that dress is against the white sand and the sun. Renee was very easy to work with and willing to try different things.

We also tried out a new cloak I had just picked up. It worked well with the dress but as I started taking this close up shots I was just stunned at the eyes looking back at me.

Her dark hair contrasted so well with the white cloak and her soft eyes and really just brought out her beauty.

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