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Newborn - Zaeden - baby bear

When Christiana contacted me originally for her photos we had planned on doing a maternity shoot and of course a newborn shoot. I wanted to go the extra mile and challenge myself and give this mama a great newborn session.

I bought the shelf and a few outfits for this occasion and just couldn't wait to use them for some new ideas. I used my weathered wood wall for this session to give it a nice look to help simulate this shelf on the wall.

Zaeden was just a perfect baby giving really no trouble what so ever. So I got to put him in a few different poses and outfits and take several photos of him.

He looks so peaceful and his hair is just so amazing looking. This boy is just too precious and this is one of my favorite photos of him.

I have quite a few bears to put with him in this shot. Doing one of my standard bucket shots but with bear props to make it look different than the other buck shots. Topped him off with another bear hat that I have.

However this boy's hair is just too gorgeous to keep covered up. I just love how peaceful and perfect he seems here. I really enjoyed working with him and mama. I'm hoping I will get to do his milestone photos and document his first year of life. He's just so cute!

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