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Maternity - Denise - Barely There

When Denise and her husband came to visit me and plan out their maternity session she wanted to try something new for me.

She showed me examples of photos that are known as "Barely There" type photography. These of course were done in studio so we could use silhouetting and of course some privacy. There were a lot more photos that were really artful that I loved but those are just for her and hubby.

Denise and Erik wanted some photographs together as well which I was obliged to do. I could tell how much Erik loved Denise as he was so enamored with her.

They had some fun shots planned as well. You can't believe the angle I had to get in to make this shot but I just love the expression on their faces. Such a fun photo. This was just my first session with Denise. They purchased my standard Maternity package which is normally for multiple outfits. She wanted a shoot at White Sands as well which I'll reveal in my next post. For now enjoy these as it was a real fun time doing shoot. She challenged me with a new style of photography that I actually ended up enjoying as well as the company of her and her husband.

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