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Senior Session - Yadira - Urban and Bohemian

This client traveled quite a ways for this Senior Session so we had to make sure that it was a special one. First they wanted to do some shots around town in casual wear.

I thought some wall shots and some floral shots would give a good variety of textures and looks. She had a real sweet nature to her and was very easy to work with. I was worried that our location could have a lot of traffic and make her nervous but she was a real pro.

Next we headed off to White Sands National Monument for the second part of her Senior Session. She had this wonderful dress that looked bohemian. She had wonderful earrings that I think really finished off the look. Her we caught the glow of the sunset off her skin. Just a beautiful picture.

After taking many different poses and I could see how this dress seemed so long and flowing we thought of using it as a backdrop for her head laying against the soft sand.

We ended the session with her walking off to the sunset with that wonderful glow peaking up over the mountains. Thank you Yadira for traveling so far to have a session with me. I considered it an honor and a blessing.

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