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Newborn Session - Hannah - Simple and beautiful

If anyone knows my style I love to create backdrops, use props and outfits. Sweet little Hanna's mama told me though she prefers a simple look. I kept showing her all of these photos I was proud of and she sent me examples of what she wanted.

Most of them were with babies not dress up. Not wrapped up and what photographers would call organic. My style is different but I wanted to deliver what the customer wanted.

I did a few different sets for Hannah including a few in baskets and buckets. Some I did with head bands and some I did without just to make sure I covered the customers request of simple. After finishing up the set and started editing the photos I get what she wanted. She wanted this session to focus on Hannah. Not the decorations, props and outfits. This was her little angel and the shoot was all about her.

In the end we came out with some really beautiful photos. I'm really glad that mama and I had planned out this session a few months out. It allowed us ensure that we covered what she expected out of the shoot. A simple but beautiful newborn session. We have some really beautiful photos that look like works of art.

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