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Newborn session - Sophia - Emergency Shoot

I was relaxing and spending time with family that came out of town when I got a message on my page from a father that wanted a newborn shoot that day. I asked him what the hurry was and he told me that the baby was already 14 days old. I normally prefer 5-10 day old babies but he said that another photographer had scheduled and canceled two weeks in a row on him and he knew he was missing his window.

Knowing that the window is short for newborns I accepted his challenge and they later showed up to my studio that day. I was worried that they hadn't prepared for the newborn shoot with the preparation sheet I normally hand out before each shoot. What if the baby is awake the entire session? I like to shoot in the morning and this was an afternoon shoot.

Sophia was such a sweet little girl and slept pretty much the entire session. She was just awake when she first arrived but we managed to get her sleepy and she posed wonderfully for each shot. We got a lot of pictures of this sweet little girl and Daddy was just beaming over her as well as mamma.

The parents were excited with the setup I had prepared for them. We had no time for planning like I normally do but I think everything came out great. After the parents left I saw a review on my page from them.

"It was a blessing in disguise that our photographer backed out last minute and ya'll took us in right away! She was so amazing with my baby and I am so excited for the pictures!! Highly recommend Blessed Moments Photography!"

Thank you. Your emergency was a blessing in disguise for me as well. There were so many things that I would normally fret over but your baby proved that we can break my normal parameters and still come out with a great shoot.

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