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Newborn Session - Sedona - Cowgirl

When Sedona's mother first contacted me for her newborn session she told me she wanted to do a cowgirl session, with wood, boots and more.

I had just done a similar shoot for a milestone shoot so I already had the wood drops, hate and a few props. I had this cute wooden bucket handy as well. I had just picked up some sun flowers recently and was glad I had a chance to use them.

Sedona was really easy to work with and her mother had put lotion on her before the session which really helped reduce the flakes which shorted my editing time. Mamma followed all the directions I gave her so baby slept and allowed us to do some many different poses.

I asked mamma how she felt after seeing her baby for the first time. She told me it was hard to believe that Sedona was hers after so many years of trying. I know many mothers that could relate as I too had some difficulty.

Sedona's mother had a very special request. She wanted photos with the Sedona on special saddle. When I asked her what was so special about the saddle she told me that this saddle was purchased for her mother back in the 1970's and handed down to her and now she was handing it down to Sedona. So I had the honor of capturing Sedona's first moments on her own saddle. I can't wait to see photos of her on this riding an actual horse when she grows up.

Thank you for sharing your precious daughter and story with us.

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