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Maternity Shoot - Charity

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Charity was from out of town and wanted to do a White Sands Maternity shoot. I was fortunate that she found my website and that I do such photo sessions. She told me she wanted to do a Deluxe Maternity session which includes up to four outfits.

She brought several outfits with her and I brought along what I had as well. We met up at White Sands National Monument and saw that a storm was brewing up and there was some concern that we could get rained out.

This turned out to be quite an interesting shoot because on one side of us we had a storm with lots of interesting storm clouds and on the other side the sun was out and shining.

As the sun began to set a nice warm glow came out. Charity was doing a great job on poses so we were able to get so many different shots.

Towards the end of our session a strong wind came up and made the last part of the shoot difficult but we still got in some great shots in this other outfit. Here the sky is a nice blue.

I really enjoyed working with Charity and since she's from out of town I probably won't get to do the newborn but she has family near by and you never know I might be able to take some photos of that baby later. Hoping I get to see that cute baby!

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