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Ending 2016 - Part 1

At the start of this year I had announced that I had resigned my job in order to dedicate myself full time to my photography business. It was a scary thing at first giving up a full time job but as long as I was doing my photography part time I didn't feel I was giving it my all. I saw a lot of improvements this past year and feel it was the right move to make.

In January we booked some Valentines mini sessions and quite a few people took advantage of our special. I used one of my backdrops that I had from before plus I designed a new setup myself.

This little cutie volunteered to be my model for our promotional material.

In February I did my first maternity shoot with Brittany.

I was soon blessed with a newborn shoot with sweet little Gibson

Around that same time I met Kaiya who we did some outdoor shoots with.

Brittany ended up having her baby so I got to capture little Payslee's newborn photos.

I actually got a little overloaded with editing at first for February I had many more sessions I didn't list but good thing I was focused on this full time to keep up with the editing.

In March we decided to move website hosts to one that other photographers use. We had some clients that had issues with the downloads on the previous site so we upgraded to improve the customer experience.

March 1st we had a family photo session out in White Sands. I remember that day well since my husband always reminds me that we skipped his birthday for a photo shoot.

He's joking with me of course as we both had a great time with this family. Yes that's 10 people in that photo.

Later that weekend we had our Easter Mini sessions. We had a pretty good response to the promo so I was rather busy doing editing.

It looks like Easter and Valentines are good mini session times so planning on doing more.

For April we started it out with a smash cake session with a minion theme

We partnered with Overboard cakes to help give our clients great deals on smash cakes.

We also did Mother's day Mini Sessions in April

In May I published a special Mother's day photo shoot which was a daughter's present to her mother by creating some really great photos, printing them up and framing them.

Lots of different outfits and locations for this shoot where I got a ton of photos which gave our client plenty to choose from for printing and framing.

My son made the mistake of turning 21 this year so of course we had to try out a 21st birthday smash cake session.

Little Lance also celebrated his 1st birthday so we did a special true blue photo shoot for him.

In June we did a Mickey Mouse theme smash cake shoot for Kai.

We also did a Disney Princess shoot out at White Sands with Dailyn as Princess Jasmine

Our final photo shoot for the first half of the year was with Brianna celebrating her 21st birthday. We decided to do a classy smash cake shoot to show that you can do it with class!

That was some of what we did in the first half of the year. I'll make another post regarding the 2nd half of the year.

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