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Christmas Minis round 3

Just when we thought we were done with Christmas minis we ended up having another round. Some folks had to reschedule from previous weeks and we had new customers who had seen the photos from previous shoots wanting to take advantage of our special.

This particular young lady lived was out of town during the previous sessions so we setup a special time for her and her little sis.

Aren't those just the most adorable eyes?

The Shurling family then gave us a visit and we took several photos of them as well.

Look how happy Mama is in this photo.

We had a special request for a special type of shoot. We were able to rearrange the studio since this was the last shot of the day.

We weren't sure how these were going to come out but it looks like they came out great.

He was really enjoying holding on the ornaments and I love how intense he looks in this photo.

The final session of the week was actually on a Monday since this family was out of town for the weekend.

They wanted to do a special session as well as they had a big announcement.

The family was expecting a new addition and they wanted a special session to celebrate it.

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