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Children Photos - Valentine Mini Sessions 2019

Valentine mini session with little girl holding a bouquet of flowers

Now that I opened my new Alamogordo photography studio I felt it would be easier to offer mini sessions. In the past I would often only have one set but this time I had more than enough room to set up two different sets to give a different look at feel. This was my first set and first client of my Valentine mini session. She was such a cutie and easy to work with so I look forward to working with her some more.

Valentine mini photo session with little boy sitting on dark wood backdrop and floor.

This was the second set that I created that I felt may work better for boys with the darker background and I used different props and decorations to complete the set. Unfortunately this mini session season he was my only boy that age but I'm used to getting more girls for valentine minis. I'll have to come up with some different ideas next year.

Valentines with two sisters sitting together with a white wood backdrop.

These two cuties were my first group of girls that I had for the season. Such little darlings were great to work with so I hope I see them again. I don't know if you noticed but the littlest one has a shirt that reads "Sorry Boys daddy is my valentine" Ha ha how cute!

Young baby boy sitting on a grey mini soft for Valentines mini session with white backdrop

This was my youngest boy I had for this group of minis and he was just adorable. Even though he could sit up on his own I thought it would be cute to try my new mini sofa with him. He also has a cute shirt that reads "most eligible bachelor" What a cutie.

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