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Maternity Shoot in White Sands

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

I had an opportunity to do another maternity session and this time I wanted to do it outdoors. I chose White Sands National Monument as my backdrop since it is so close by.

I went ahead and ordered a new dress for this shoot that had a long flowing train so we could do a photo like the one above and below.

I picked up some additional accessories to add to this photo shoot and invited the family to attend as well.

I asked the family to wear white and blue to match up with the different dresses. This mother is expecting her third child and the sex is still a secret. *update* - newborn photos here.

As I have gotten to know this family you can see there is a lot of love in them and I wanted to capture it.

I had a wonderful time photography this family and he expecting mother. I'm really hoping to get the chance to do a newborn session with them as I have some new ideas I want to try. *update newborn photos here.

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