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White Sands maternity shoot for MarylinL in a red dress

Pregnant women standing at white Sands national park with a red dress making a heart shape on her belly with her hands.

White Sands National Park is such a beautiful location and a favorite of my clients who want their maternity photos, couple photos, family photos or even some surprise proposals.

Two photos of an expecting mother holding her hands on her belly while wearing a red dress at white sands national park.

When Marylyn reached out to me she knew she wanted White Sands and wanted this stunning red gown that just stands out against the white dunes. She had seen a previous session of this gown and knew this would be the one for her. I have to admit it looked fantastic on her.

A husband kneeling before his wife and listening to her belly with their unborn child inside.

We scheduled a date that her husband would be in town as he normally works out of town. I was fortunate that another mama needed to move her date to also fit her husbands schedule. This freed up the date we needed for Marylyn to be able to include her hubby.

A husband smiling proudly as he listens to his unborn baby in his wifes belly.

As you can see he is very excited for his expecting child.

a photo of a wife embracing her husband by the cheek as he leans over to her.  Then she leans on his shoulder for strength.

There was a strong connection with these two and you could see the love between them. Marylyn felt so safe and secure in her husbands arms.

A husband and wife embracing as they look off in the distance at White Sands National Park.

Even though we had a hazy day in the skies from a fire many miles away this gowns color still stood out. We were still able to get a scenic shot for this with the mountains in the background.

You can see more of Marylyn's session including behind the scenes footage as well as more final photos.


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