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White Sands maternity session for Sarah

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Sarah lived in Clovis, NM contacted me through my contact page to let me know that she was interested in a maternity shoot and wanted something with mountains in them.

Maternity photos at white sands with a Taupe long flowing maternity gown blowing in the wind.

Since it was going to be late November when we would do the session the mountains themselves would be rather cold plus no foliage. She also wanted a sunset so I suggested White Sands National park for her session since I could get both the mountains and hopefully a sunset at that location.

Maternity photo at White Sands with Taupe long flowing maternity gown with the setting sun in the background.

She also asked if she could use one of her own gowns as she had ordered her own. I told her of course she could and that I keep my gowns in stock since a good quality maternity gown can take 2-4 weeks to come in but she is welcome to wear her own.

Maternity photo at white sands with husband looking  at his wife in a loving way.

It was also important for her to have her husband in her photos and I assured her that all of my packages include photos of her, her significant other, and any other children that they have.

Maternity photo at white sands with husband kissing his wife's belly

When the date of her session rolled around she informed me that her gowns had not come in. I let her know again that there are no additional costs to wear one of my maternity gowns and linked her to my online gallery of over 170 maternity gowns.

Maternity photos with a couple embracing in different poses

She liked this taupe long flowing gown which is one of my popular gowns but it looked like it was made for her.

Maternity photo at white sands with couple embracing with a setting sun behind the mountains.  This majestic photo shows the couple looking into their future.

I was able to capture a beautiful sunset scenic photo for her. This is a common request with my photos at White Sands and I always tell folks it's really up to the weather on what we get. This day we were fortunate that we had some light cloud cover for the sun to reflect against while it set.

A maternity photo of a couple kissing with the sun setting behind them at White Sands National Park

I also love to capture a kiss between the couple during the sunset and try to capture the sun between them. Here I captured at different angles and light settings to give both a lit and silhouetted version of the shot.

You can find more photos of Sarah as well as some behind-the-scenes footage in my video of Sarah's maternity session

You can book your maternity session at White Sands National Park or get more information by looking at my maternity pricing page.


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