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Maternity photos at the creek and White Sands for Tanyaa

Maternity photos at Tularosa Creek with mama wearing a red maternity gown with her proud man holding her.
Our first location for this couple was down at the creek. Look how much he loves her

I often get contacted by mama's who are looking to do something special during their pregnancy and wish to book a maternity session with me. This time it was the proud papa who reached out to me who wanted to do surprise his lovely gal with a special maternity package. I met Santiago first at an event where I had a booth setup and we talked for a bit. He looked through my sample maternity album and said he wanted me to be their photographer. I was happy that he liked my work and encouraged him to bring Tanyaa down to the studio for an in person consultation.

Pregnant woman maternity photos in red maternity gown with red floral headband in Tulie creek
Tanyaa wore my red open belly maternity gown complete with a floral headband.

Santiago brought Tanyaa down to the studio at a later date and looked over my dresses from my maternity closet which has over 50 maternity gowns. She found a couple of gowns that she really liked and they decided to go with my Standard Maternity package which has a two gown option. I explained that my Standard package also allows for two locations so they decided to use the creek past Tularosa as their first location.

Maternity photos with mom and dad at Tularosa creek.
A long scenic shot of the creek with this cute couple.

Since they had planned out their maternity session in advance it was still awhile before we actually got to actually do their session. Eventually that day arrived and we met up first at the studio picked out some accessories to go with the outfits and headed to our first location. The sun was just perfect this day and we got really great color in the photos and you could see the love between this couple.

Pregnant mama wearing a Black lace Maternity gown at White Sands National Monument
Tanyaa looked great in this black lace maternity gown out at White Sands

For our second location we set off to White Sands National Monument and for her second maternity gown she chose this black lace gown. It really stands out against the white sand and she looked so stunning in it.

Black lace maternity gown shot at White Sands National Monument
This black lace maternity gown and red floral headband looked great on Tonyaa

It was great running into Santiago at the event. He was able to secure a great maternity package for the woman he loved and we got some great pictures of both her and him. I was fortunate enough to later photograph the newborn session as well.

Pregnant woman wearing a black lace maternity gown at White Sands National Monument
Tanyaa was such a warm spirit. I enjoyed taking her photos

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