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Portrait - Klarriza - Simply Seventeen

I first met Klarriza when shooting some photos prior to her quinceanera. She was such a joy to work with and felt comfortable around the camera I was excited to hear I got to shoot her photos for her 17th birthday. I at first was thinking of multiple locations to take her for such a special occasion but the request was to do studio photos.

I figured if we were going to do studio pictures I could get creative and do some silhouette type photos.

I got some balloons and even the numbers for 17 and got creative as well for this backdrop. I was just letting some of my creative energy flow on this.

Klarriza, however, is such a beautiful girl we have to show some well lit photos of her as well. Her sweet disposition and willingness to work in front of the camera make it so easy to work with her.

I would really love to work with Klarriza again and think we could do a really special senior shoot for her next year. Looking forward to seeing you again!

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