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Maternity Photos at El Paso Rose Garden for Karmen

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Maternity photo taken in El Paso Rose Garden with mama wearing a baby blue boho maternity gown
El Paso Rose Garden was a perfect setting for this glowing mama

I've been getting a lot of requests to do Maternity photos in El Paso and since El Paso is a large city I needed to find a good location to hold maternity photos. After talking with Karmen we decided to have her photos done at the El Paso Rose Garden which managed by El Paso City Parks. This location is open most days but does close at 6pm so I like to setup my sessions at least and hour before hand to make sure I have plenty of time to handle multiple locations within this beautiful garden. Since Karmen was in El Paso and couldn't do a in person consultation to pick out her dress I linked her my dress collection so she could pick from one of my over fifty maternity gowns to wear for her maternity session. She liked this baby blue Boho type maternity dress and it just looked so wonderful on her.

Maternity photo taken in El Paso Rose Garden with baby blue boho maternity gown
Even though it was bright out the sun couldn't outshine her radiance.

We happened to schedule this maternity session the same day as prom for one of the local high schools so the El Paso Rose Garden was fairly packed with teens taking photos in their tuxes and prom dresses. Fortunately the Rose Garden is fairly large and we could move to different locations within the garden. This spot doesn't have a much floral going on but does have a lot of bushes and green but the star of this photo was really standing out as this beautiful mama was rocking this gown.

Pregnant mama wearing a baby blue boho maternity gown in El Paso Rose Garden

This was one of the earlier shots where the sun was rather high and blinding but this particular location provided shade and had a wonderful backdrop for the sweet mama.

Proud papa and expecting mother maternity photo taken in El Paso Rose Garden
Look how proud pappi is

Karmen's husband showed up a little afterwards and we were able to include him in these photos. Mama just lit up as they took these photos together and celebrated looking forward to the new addition to their family.

El Paso expecting mother leaning on her husbands arm in El Paso Rose Garden
Loving her man

As we closed out our photo session in El Paso at the Rose Garden I wanted to capture this pose with mama leaning in on her husband. They were such a cute couple together and wish them all the best in the future.

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