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2017 - A new year brings in new changes

At the beginning of last year I had decided to devote myself full time to my photography. I ended up resigning my job and challenged myself to do much more in the new year than I had in the past.

If you read my year in year in review part 1 article you will see I had new opportunities such as multiple newborn shoots and a maternity shoot which was a first for me this year. I finally got to put some of my training to good use and really enjoyed myself. I also ventured into more outdoor natural light photography and left the comfort zone of my studio.

In my year in review part 2 article you will see that I expanded even further by doing an outdoor maternity shoot plus another newborn shoot as well as multiple other natural light shoots. I even did a wedding this past year even though we had originally plan to do that later this year.

I learned last year that some clients where having issues downloading their photos from our host so we moved our photos to a new host. Our last host would allow us to store photos forever while the new host limits how many photos I can keep active online. This means we will need to set some aggressive package pricing for prints so customers can take advantage of printing their photos from professional labs. The new photo hosting site has different lab partners so we are able to offer different products some at a cheaper price than before. The new site still allows you to download photos to your PC but also has an option where we can create a phone app for your gallery and you can download the apps directly to your phone. This is what many customers were attempting to do on the old site which didn't work very well. So we are happy to announce the new site is much more mobile friendly.

New homepage

I also created a new homepage as well which is organized a lot differently than the old homepage. The new site is organized based upon the different services we offer. It has a new booking feature so you can book your appointment directly. It will also send out auto-reminders regarding your appointment. We are hoping this new site will help organize sessions a lot easier. It will even allow you to pay your deposit online saving you a trip.

We also plan on offering print packages when you book a session this will allow you to pre-purchase prints at a discounted rate. Once you see your finished portraits you will be able to use your pre-purchased credits to select the portraits and sizes you want. We plan on having this ready for our upcoming Valentines mini-sessions.

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