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True Blue Smash Cake Session

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

This past week I got to do another smash cake session. I asked the mother what theme she wanted for the shoot and she said she wanted something rather simple but it just had to be blue. I took it as my challenge to come up with a shoot with many different colors of blue.

As I normally do I went out and custom designed this back drop by adding different colored blue balloons, a blue rug, a blue banner with "ONE" in it and of course some additional frills. I setup two physical sets. One for our birthday boy in his best dressed outfit and a second one for the smash cake. The set's with similar with just a few differences.

This special little boy enjoyed his cake and dug right in.

I would love to do a smash cake session for one of your loved ones. Remember you can contact us on our Facebook page or call us with our contact info here.

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