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Smash Cake - Santino - Little Monster

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

I had already had the pleasure of shooting this cute little guys newborn photos and we did a mile stone session for him as well at six months. For his 1 year birthday mama wanted a smash cake with a monster theme.

Mama supplied the outfit and cake and I supplied the decorations and balloons. This little guy supplied the smiles and fun as was excited to play and eat some cake.

This was his second outfit which was really cute. Some suspenders, tie and hat all with little monsters on them. He had to stand up and show me his full ensemble with little monster feet as well.

If you are going to do a smash cake then you gotta get a bit dirty. Well especially if you are a little monster.

Now that we got cake all over us we need to dance around a little bit, do some little growls and just look so darn adorable. Grr.. what a great little guy.

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