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Dinosaur Cake smash

I was contacted not so long ago by a mother who wanted to do a cake smash session with a dinosaur theme. She sent me photos of what the outfit would look like so I could match up the theme.

The customer opted for the standard smash cake session which included two sets. I searched all over for props that I felt would fit the search. I even found some fabric that hand dinosaurs on them so I used it to make a banner.

Unfortunately our star of the show wasn't up to wearing the hat and tie but the T-Rex and Triceratops didn't mind. I made the banner, clouds, plants and foot prints to go with this shot. This was right before putting the cake in front of our little dino.

He ripped off one of the stegosaurus off the cake and proceeded to eat him. Guess that makes him a carnivore dinosaur just like the T-rex

He proceeded to show me how a dinosaur would stomp around after having a great meal. Notice the destroyed cake in the beneath him.

He took cake smash literally and he sits on the cake to finish it off.

I really enjoyed this session as our little dinosaur was energetic and gave me lots of photos to work with. Mom was quite helpful as well and brought some props and the music to help bring down the studio.

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